Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cubine and Fassett: peeking through

Cubine and Fassett are two tangles that appear to offer a hole, passage, or window.
  • Cubine is an 'official' tangle, from Zentangle. Step-outs are here.
  • Fassett is a tangle form Lynn Mead, CZT. Step-outs are here.
Each of these got a page in my Book.
I began this page with a large Chebucto across the page, then continued with Cubine elsewhere.
Originally I had thought to do some triangle-based tangles in some sections,
but I realized that it would detract from the effect of the tangle.
These 'holes' offer an opportunity to peek through at something on the other side. The windows need to be large enough to house another tangle (or whatever).

Here's a simple example of Cubine, looking at stars. I've given each square a two-sided 'front'; I think this gives the squares a little more substance.
Here's an example using a variety of shapes (suggested by my string) and sort-of-Hollibaugh through the holes.
And here's a tile I just finished with overlapping Cubine, and Morse running through and behind.


  1. Thanks Margaret, for again a wonderful idea, I like these examples very much!

  2. Beautiful pages - the precision in your Chebucto piece is awe-inspiring! And the last tile is classic Bremner - mindbending and attractive!

  3. Thanks very, very much for these "tutorial" blogs you occasionally do. I learn so much from them and really appreciate the time and energy you put into them.

  4. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once again.

  5. If I haven't told your before, I love how your mind works! You see so much and I appreciate you sharing with all of us.