Thursday, April 11, 2019

Blind strings & tangles as strings

BLIND STRING: I often like to do what I call a 'blind string' - a string drawn with my eyes closed. It gives me some interesting and unexpected sections to work with. A challenge! Usually, once I open my eyes I'll add a few more pencil lines to complete sections.

TANGLE AS STRING: We tend to think of a tangle or fragment in only that context, but that design can also be used larger, as a string. You can see my post about using fragments as strings here.

All of the tiles in this post begin with a blind string based on a tangle.

I started with a string of Apacore, then added other tangles. And more apple seeds.
Tangles: Double Double, Fife, and Pearlz with an Apacore string.
Cirqital is easy to identify, even with the addition of all the other tangles.
Tangles: Pearlz, Seljuk, and Zonked in a Cirqital string
This time it's Icantoo (which may be hard to identify in this finished tile!), to which I added smaller Icantoos.
Tangles: Icantoo, Pearlz, Tipple
Here are two where I remembered to take a picture of the string before I tangled it. (Yay me!) First, MySwing as the string, and second using Mooka.
Tangles: Bunzo, CrescentMoon, Gewgle, and Pearlz on a MySwing string

Choose a tangle, close your eyes, and be bold!


  1. Fantastic tiles. And a great reminder that strings can be fun in their own right.

  2. These are incredible! I'm glad you're always coming up with new ideas to keep you creating because everything you do is amazing!