Thursday, June 20, 2019

About as Crazy as It Gets

This is especially for all you Crazy Huggins fans out there!

I had a piece of eco-dyed paper with 'spots' from eucalyptus leaves:
Here it has a few of the 'spots' outlined in brown ink.
I couldn't see any trees or houses or flowers in the marks. Lots of moons, maybe. I didn't have a clue what to do with it for a loooong time. Suddenly it struck me that Huggins has a lot of circles! No, wait. CRAZY Huggins!!!

I outlined most of the circles, deciding to sacrifice a few. These circles would need to be darker than the connecting curved bands. I thought about what tangles could be dark and would fit in a small circle, and which tangles would work in a long space.
I decided to include a gem for some 'pop'. I eliminated the pink at the top left. I made two screws รก la Maria. In the end, there IS one moon! After a lot of shading, here is the finished work.
All the tangles:
Appease, Beadlines, Bilt, Bosch, Crescent Moon, Cubine, Drobbles, Emingle,
Fohbraid, Gewgle, Gneiss, Icantoo, Jonqal, Knightsbridge, Koril, Kuke,
Paradox, Pearlz, Snag, Tamisolo, Tipple, Zewm, Ziabolic, Zonked
Plus: Auras, triquetras, a Chinese coin, and striping with a twist
Here's a detail of one section.
And that, I think, is "About as Crazy as It Gets". :)


  1. Wow - I adore this piece Margaret. You've pushed Crazy Huggins to an extreme and it's worked so well! I'm now seeing much more possibility for what you can fill the tangle with and want to play with the idea myself. Amazing too that it was the nature of the eco-dyed paper that set you on this course rather than forward planning.

    1. Thats what I love about the eco-dyed papers; it's such an opportunity to see what could be!

  2. Amazing beyond words.....I would like to see it as a 1,000 piece puzzle ☺️

  3. Wonderful art - your tangles are just magnificent. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Never seen such a beautiful Crazy Huggins, thank you Margaret for this wonderful idea and absolutely gorgeous tile!

  5. This is so wonderful! I've enough work to last me for the next ten days but this is all I'm going to be thinking of right now!

  6. This is a beauty! Crazy creative!

  7. I love crazy Huggins, this turned out soooo cool!

  8. Margaret— you are a master! I wish you could film your process for YouTube! Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Denise