Friday, June 14, 2019

Slowly, slowly

This is one of those things that was supposed to be something else. But the something else didn't work and it became Something Else.
It was supposed to be patterns left by film wrap and paint but the paper didn't like that idea and it was just nondescript blotchiness with a lovely copper wash in a few places.

This page in my Book developed sloooowwly. I left it for a while as I was quite disappointed in the wash result. Then I noticed a few things at the edges and drew them.
From time to time I added a little more.
I'd noticed the small darker circle and triangle left of center and eventually decided to do something with them. I added a square for three shapes, and decided to use the three primary colors. Originally I was going to use some sparkly paper but yellow looked too gold so I found some leftover bits from other projects.
Tangles thus far: Bosch, Crescent Moon, Doodah, Paradox, Pearlz, Seljuk.
And in the colored squares: Finery and Prestwood
A little more...
Tangles added: Parabola, Tipple (sort of), Y-not (Etcher variation)
...and the finished page.
Tangles added: Icanthis
Or maybe not. I might add more.


  1. You made a silk purse out of that sows ear. :)

  2. I love how you made delicious lemonade from the "lemon"!! I appreciate your giving us insight into your process. It's not uncommon to create something quite different from what we had in mind. We can, #1 succumb to dissapointment, or #2, ask ourselves "What can I do with this?" in a positive and inquisitive voice! The latter is, for some us, very hard to do. It requires vision which, I am learning, takes effort and practice. It's worth doing the work, though! :)

  3. Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing with us.This is so useful.

  4. I love the result! It shows that creativity sometimes starts slowly and not so easy.