Thursday, September 26, 2019

Four more vessel tangles

Vessel tangles: tangles that offer empty spaces that you can fill to your heart's desire.
My original post presenting four favorite vessel tangles is here. I followed with another four tangles that can be delightfully filled with other tangles and that post is here. Today, here are four more, making a dozen.

From me, step-outs are here. Here it is in it's simplest form:
And here it is on two tiles with various fills:

From Molly Hollibaugh. Step-outs are here. Here it is in it's simplest form:
Here's a tile with Ing in stripes, with five different fills.
And here is my journal page from the Zentangle Project Pack #6 - Ing with a spiral fill (Maria's idea), fairly standard Ing, and Ing done along a zigzag line, black on one side, white on the other..

From Zentangle. Adele Bruno offers good step-outs here, although it's called Twile.
A little back story: Many seem to be using the name Twile lately. Zentangle came out with the pattern years ago but didn't publicize it. Recently, CZT Leslie Scott-Gillilan deconstructed it and called it Twile.
Here it is in its simplest form. The central squares can be left empty, or filled black (which looks more "empty"!)
And here's a tile with basic Stoic and three different fills.
Tangles: Beadlines, Stoic
From CZT Christina Vandervlist. Step-outs are here. Here it is in its simplest form:
And here's a tile with a few variations. You can shade one edge as I did on the right, or shade each strand as on the left.
If you want to use different patterns as on the right, remember that braids generally have three strands, so you want to put your pattern in every third section.

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  1. A great post Margaret. Thanks for introducing me to Charlotte which looks a lot of fun. And for making me revisit Ragz which I've largely written off till now, but filling it, even quite simply, gives it a new lease of life!