Friday, August 2, 2019

Vessel tangles: four more

My original post presenting four favorite vessel tangles is here. Today, here are four more tangles that can be delightfully filled with other tangles and patterns.

From me. Here it is in its simplest form:

Here are  few variations:
And here's a Renaissance tile with Copada on the left side and at the top middle:
From Maria Thomas. I love this tangle because is essentially creates its own string.
Here it is in its simplest form:
Fengle can go almost anywhere. It can look like a star or a flower. I like to Aura the lines inside the shapes and make them see-through.
Here's a larger piece I did a while ago, going a little crazy with it!
This is a fairly new tangle from Cherryl Moote. Here it is in its simplest form:
Here's a tile I did using various fills in the hexagons, and Sonya Yencer's 'Shades of Gray' technique. 
From Zentangle. Each smaller shape goes approximately halfway along the larger shape. Here it is in its simplest form:
Here's Molygon on a tan tile. I turned the molygons into feathers!

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