Thursday, February 27, 2020

Sock hanger > comb > elephant

My 21-month-old granddaughter has a box of treasures, fun little things that interest a child that age: pretty ribbons, a chestnut, a gold mylar star, a ping pong ball, and so on.

One item is this plastic thing that originally held socks in a store. To her, it looks like a comb. I thought it looked like an elephant and traced it onto a zentangle tile to develop later.

I immediately saw almost-Marasu in the trunk and Romanancy through the body; both are stripey and should work well together. I did a gray wash in the background.

Here's the finished elephant. It was fun!
Tangles: Icantoo, Marasu, Paizel, Pearlz, Romanancy,
Tidings, Zonked, and a Black Pearl(z)


  1. Very cute. Nice idea to trace it on the paper the result is very good

  2. This is great. Amazing what a creative minds sees and does.

  3. Now THAT is just delightful!!! :) :) :)