Monday, April 19, 2021

Zentangle's Project Pack #13

Transitions...   water-soluable graphite...   clear Glaze ink...   resists...   

DAY ONEI liked Maria's results in the demonstrated tile, but mine looked dull and dark. So I did two others, 'inspired by'.

DAY TWO - A 3D look using a particular fragment and clear Glaze ink resist.

DAY THREE - I couldn't help but see a sunflower as this progressed. Then, of course, I had to try one in color. I like the black-and-white one better!

I had two Phi tiles with hibiscus teabag stains. One looked liked another sunflower, the other looked rose-like.

DAY FOUR - Crazy Cadent with clear Glaze resist and graphite wash. I did gathered corners in some of my Cadent.

DAY FIVE - Using the Glaze pen in sections of Aquafleur, and the water-soluable graphite elsewhere. I tried another one - 'inspired by' - on a tan, hibiscus-teabag-stained tile.

DAY SIX - Mooka transitioning to Springkle transitioning to Bunzo, beginning with a graphite wash of lines.

DAY SEVEN - Ing in thick lines of clear Glaze, then washed in graphite. Rick went in an interesting direction, "erasing" micron lines from the Glaze, but I had seen another direction, and wanted to try nestling rows of Ing.

DAY EIGHT - Lots of possibilities shown for using the water-soluable graphite to create strings from which to be inspired! Here are some of my results:

A slightly-curvy square grid became Cubine and Dex and a few Pearlz.

A dripped orb became Arukas and Within with hints of a tangle whose name I can't recall!

A spiral string filled with the spiral tangle Ohana.

A series of wet graphite rows called for Romanancy, and a row of Rayga. 

A partial orb with drips got turned upside down to make different drips.

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  1. Great to see your PP13 series. I love knowing we start from the common ground of the videos and then take each tile in our own directions. My favourites are your Day 1 and 8 responses - probably because those are the days that you made farther reaching detours!