Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Five more Book pages

My Book only has perhaps a dozen pages left in it. I haven't been in a hurry to fill it, wanting it to add something new only when I felt inspired. These are the most recent additions.

I was rather taken with two tangles, Salt (the hexagons) from Franciose Lip and Amazing Spider (in the background) from Hennie Brouwer. 

Two of the recent project packs from Zentangle had flower-like results, which I enjoyed reproducing in my Book.

I was charmed by Cherryl Moote's tangle Morrisseau. Some of the elements here are collaged, some are drawn on the page.

I've occasionally worked with found text, so I did that on one page. I tore two pages from the same book and glued them into my larger book, then hunted and tangled.

I've been loving the stains left by my husband's hibiscus tea bags: pinks, purples, blues, grays, browns, ochres... Unfortunately, the paper in this book is not as friendly towards them as is the Tiepolo paper of the Zentangle tiles. This page ended up with only grays, and rather wrinkly. I also tried using some stencils with the teabags.


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  1. Margaret, your VERY creative mind and the hand that it leads certainly generate some outstanding art! These pages are amazing. Thank you so much for posting them! You always inspire me. :)