Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Visual Haiku

A while ago I took an online class called Visual Haiku with Serena Barton (through TangleU). Serena uses traditional haiku poetry as inspiration for her non-subjective artwork and she took us through her process.

I was looking forward to bringing in a lot of mixed media elements and trying some techniques I don't often use.

Here is my completed piece, which looks nothing like Serena's work, and was not inspired by a particular haiku! 🙄

8" square • acrylic mixed media

The moon is a blob of dried paint that I'd peeled from the lid of a paint jar and saved. Why? Apparently for this piece! It rises off the surface a centimeter or so. I had fun smearing paint with a palette knife, spattering gold stars with a toothbrush, and collaging bits of my own old artwork onto the hills. I used stencils to create some patterns, then mostly covered them. What do you think?


  1. Margaret I wish I could post a picture here. For some reason a couple of months ago I started peeling up little blobs of acrylic paint from my makeshift plastic lid palettes and saving them in a container. I thought they were pretty and I could use them for collage..this made me laugh out loud. We are ALL this and all of your work. This little forest obviously has no light pollution..look at the stars! Beautiful.

  2. I've watched your work throughout the years. Now you have graduated and become a star with this new website and new life!! My heart feels so warm now, especially in your decision to share your beauty with the world! This here painting is lovely. It takes time to look and play with interpretations. It's a fine-art contribution to our walls!

    1. Hello Christa. I apologize for the delayed response; life has been a little too intense since last summer. Thanks for your kind comments!