Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Circular tangles as mandala centers (#3)

Recently I used the tangle Undiala in the center of an apple-corer mandala. I was going to do that again, but then Undiala took over the whole thing!
Tangles: Diamond Drops, Parabola, Seljuk, Xyp,
Undiala as more of a string.
(Done on Ingres paper with a 05 pen.)

I'm quite pleased with how this next one turned out. I like how four of the 'ribbons' seem to loop over the edge. I used Crossview as a center again because I really like it!
At the center: Crossview (again)
Other tangles: Crescent Moon, Fohbraid
(Done on Ingres paper with a 05 pen.)


  1. these are wonderful! How big are they?

  2. Both of these tiles are fantastic, but I do love the blue mandala. Really beautiful work! :)

  3. both of these are wonderful - the second one looks real! i can just see those knitted stitches around the outside - excellent!