Friday, December 14, 2012

bookmark swap

As you've probably noticed, I'm really into mandalas. Because of that I do a lot of work on square paper but paper generally comes in rectangles. Sometimes this leaves me with thin strips of nice paper that I often use to make bookmarks. I got involved in a zentangle bookmark swap so I'm sending off three and will get three in return. Here are my contributions.
Tangles in red: Black Pearlz, Cadox, Paradox, Rouche, Tripoli
Tangles in black: Black Pearlz, Cadox, Jalousie, Zapateado, Zedbra
Tangles in blue:
Black Pearlz, Cadox, Florz, N'zeppel, Paradox and stripes


  1. These are super - I love the monochrome look using different colours & how effective each 'sliver' of tangling is.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. OOoo! I love these! I joined the bookmark swap, too--can't wait to get our goodies in return!! =0)

  3. These are brilliant! I love the idea of using up scraps in this way. Each one is drawn so that it looks as if it's part of a larger design, which is intriguing. I've never worked with any other coloured pens than black, although I have coloured my tangles with Inktense pencils - this is very different, using coloured pens to draw the tangles. Great stuff!