Monday, December 17, 2012

Looped border string mandalas in color

Recently I showed how using a looped border string twice, on a round tile, offers a nice irregular mandala to fill with tangles. What I showed was all black and white. I also tried this in color.

This one I began with an acrylic wash in turquoise and magenta. I think the fuchsia ink made it all a bit gray and you don't really see the wash colors much at all. But... oh well!
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Khirkee, Munchin, Pearlz, Sanibelle,
Tipple, Tripoli, and stripes and spirals
I did one with three triangles (with looped borders) instead of two squares. That gave me a nine-pointed star. One of the Jonqal star points was just too big so I colored one side of it with a light blue pen, giving an interesting highlight of green. But that green was all alone so I colored yellow over the sides of two other points. I looks a little more balanced now. I used many different pens on this one.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Bunzo, Jonqal, Knase, Pearlz, Sanibelle,
Tripoli, and stripes

I started with a wash of turquoise and sap green and the 'star' shape made me think of a lotus flower.
Tangles: C-Scape, Fleurette, Hurly Burly, Jonqal, Knase, Paizel, Tripoli


  1. These are sooooooo beautiful, I love all of them. You did a wonderful job with the colors!!