Friday, February 6, 2015

Athitzi tangle

The diva has given us another "Use My Tangle" challenge. The tangle is Athitzi, and to my mind is almost more of a technique than a tangle per se. But an interesting technique, very simple and 'zen' to draw, and quite useful as a mid-tone fill.

On my first tile using this tangle I was beginning to think it would be a monotangle, but then that final droplet shape made me think of the tangle Droplets. I think that with Athitzi the shading is critical, otherwise it could be dull.
Tangles: Athitzi and Droplets
On the second tile I have very little Athitzi, using it mainly to give some lovely gray areas.
Tangles: Athitzi, Crescent Moon, Hurakán, Rozo, Tripoli.
This will be a good thing to have in my pattern quiver when in need of something almost nondescript but delicately interesting.