Friday, April 1, 2016

Stacked Bijou challenge

This week the Diva's guest challenger, CZT Jane Reiter, proposes something quite out of the ordinary! She calls it a "stacked bijou challenge" and you can get the details here on the DivaCZT's blog.

I didn't like the idea of the increasing low relief of using layers of mat board so I layered paper, in some cases nesting one paper into the next one.

I used seven layers of papers, and I might even add another. Still thinking about that, but I wanted to post what I'd done before Saturday!
These are the layers, beginning with the Bijou (twinchie) in the center:
1. Bijou tile, white
Blue and pink wash; blue and white ink; blue and pink colored pencils
2. Standard tile, Renaissance (tan)
Blue wash; blue, turquoise, brown, sepia inks; brown, blue, white colored pencils
3.  Zendala tile, white, almost finished but disliked
I cut four rounded edges and added a lot of pink/orange color, then stuck the four pieces to the edges of the Renaissance tile.
4. Hand-marbelled paper
(on dark brown paper)
No, I didn't do the marbelling; I bought a few sheets from another artist a few years ago.
I used a brown pen to draw Auras in the shapes of the marbelling.
5. Canson drawing paper
(in a stunning gorgeous blue!)
It had a few black lines on it and I worked them into the design.
I also used a little metalic blue ink, gray ink, and white pencil.
6. Patterned scrapbooking paper
Off-white with an ochre colored design. I added a wobbly brown line all around.
7. Stonehenge drawing paper, 'Kraft' brown
Brown and sepia inks; brown, pink, white colored pencils; a touch of white ink.

The blue wash on the Renaissance tile was my least favorite while I was working on it, but now I think it's my preferred section. Just for interest's sake, here's a detail of one corner.


  1. Great idea to layer it diamond shape, circles and squares. Beautiful tangling.

  2. Soooo gorgeous, this just takes my breath away. I love your listing all your papers and techniques. Inspirational work Margaret.

    1. Thanks Danni. I'm always interested to know how someone did what they did.

  3. Great combination of different paper.
    Beautiful tangled, the colors are spectacular together.

  4. Stunning! I expressed an audible gasp when I opened up this page... blues and browns are my favorite color combination. Each layer is exquisite-my favorite is the 2nd layer on the tan tile. You are an inspiration;-)

    1. Haha! I wish I could have heard that gasp! :)
      I've seen a lot of lovely blue-on-tan-tile pieces and wanted to give it a try.

  5. My mind is blown - so wonderful

  6. That's beautiful. I didn't like the original challenge either, but you have done something extraordinary.

  7. Amazing! Just amazing. thank you the details are nice and did I say this was amazing?

  8. Beautiful and inspirational as always, Margaret! My favorite is the blue on the tan tile.....those pearl flowers just jump off the page!

    1. Me too Sue. I wasn't a fan of Blooming Butter until I did it a couple of times and it now seems so versatile!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I didn't have any mat board, so being way too literal, I did a faux stack. Your idea to use various papers and your choices are just stunning.

  10. Wow- what a creative, and ingenious stack of tiles. I am impressed!

  11. Gorgeous result and what a great way to use a zendala you weren't completely happy with.

  12. We all run out of superlatives with your work Margaret.
    How you eat, sleep, and teach (as well as balance the checkbook and get a few groceries now and then) is beyond most of us. The amount of time in this piece is amazing. I am sure you'll frame it at some point. Canson drawing paper comes in colors??? How amazing. Please leave your brain to science.

  13. Beyond stunning! Takes my breath away!