Thursday, July 21, 2016

MooOViNg TAngLEs

My last post was about Travelling Tangles. This one is about moving tangles. They're different.

This week's challenge from the DivaCZT is to tangle while you're in motion: in a car, on a train, some place where you're being bumped around a bit.

Two or three years ago I replaced my computer desk chair with a big red bouncy ball. ('Exercise' ball sounds so uninviting.) I decided to tangle while bouncing vigorously.
Part of my studio.
Along the top: some of my all-time favorite Zentangle (R) tiles.
On the computer screen, the DivaCZT's blog page.
On the right, the blue bin which now contains all my files
since I weeded and dumped many of them a few months ago.
As always when I attempt Zentangle out of my comfort zone, I opted mostly for comfort tangles, some of the basic, simple first ones we learn. This time I also used an Apprentice tile and a larger pen.

I used Tipple, Knightsbridge, Hollibaugh, and Phuds. I chose Phuds at the end because it doesn't require a lot of drawing and has some solid blacks. Although, I think the most difficult thing for me with this type of project is not being able to do good solid blacks.

I took hold of my pencil and started bouncing. Up and down and up and down! Dots. Border. I love the wibbly-wobbly border that happened! Bounce bounce. String. A simple 'X' with four sections. Up and down and up and down! Now the pen. Tipple. Knightsbridge. Hollibaugh. Bounce bounce bounce! Phuds. Shading. Up and down and up and down!

At one point I got so into the bouncing I put my pen down and started waving my arms side to side. Up and down and up and down! I had a drink of my iced coffee.

That was an ill-considered move.

Here's my tile.


  1. Oh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your "motion" hack ha! I'm just about ready to get me a bouncy ball for my work desk, and your tile is just terrific.

  2. I like this idea of bumping and tangling. I think it can be compared with what I did (Chrissie Frampton gave me the idea): tangling while walking :-)

  3. Margaret this is so funny - you should of had someone taking a video bouncing on your big red ball. You did so well.

  4. I'm with Chrissie. I want to see the video! I found myself grinning as I read your description of your bouncy tangling.

  5. I love your idea of drawing while bouncing on your "bouncy ball" What a wonderful idea! And I never even thought of doing that by my computer. I guess I need to go over to storage and get my big pink one home so I can try this form of exercise. Your tile turned out great for the adventure you had! I would LOVE to have seen this on video as well. Too much fun!!!!!

  6. What a funny idea! I agree with Chrissie an Suzanne. I want to see the video!

  7. I enjoyed your story telling as much as the tangle! Both are terrific.

  8. I love your story! And the way your tangle went! So cool!

  9. I think it turned out well considering your circumstances. Some days I think all my tiles look like this.