Monday, July 2, 2018

Spundalaz, an attempt

I don't have a paint-spinner gadget, but I do have a small, plastic lazy susan in the kitchen cupboard. I decided to see if it would work to spin paint as the first step in creating spundalaz (brainchild of CZT Chris Titus).

Here's my set-up: a zendala tile with a bit of white sticky-tack in the middle of a lazy susan from the kitchen, inside a cheap square platter from the Dollar Store. I thought I'd better put the spinner in a box of some sort. I didn't want paint flying everywhere.
I need not have been concerned. There was no way I could spin that sucker fast enough to get the paint to spin and spread. Plus, it kept wandering around the square platter. So I spritzed the tile with water and held a wood skewer lightly against the paper to make the paint spread in circles.

No mistakes right? Just opportunities. It's a good life motto.

These are the five zendala tiles I got as a result. Four are white and one is tan (lower right; it looks much darker than it really is).

So, let's see what becomes of these. Come back tomorrow for the results!


  1. Great job. I was in the same boat and tried to use my cake decorating stand that spins. It's hard to spin with one hand while trying to decorate the tile with the other. I love your finished tiles! Lisa F CZT18

  2. I love the spirit of experimentation that Zentangle encourages. And I just have a feeling that you'll still manage to pull something wonderful out of your collection of Lazy Susanalaz!

  3. Know anyone with an old turntable? Congrats on your ingenuity. I know they will be even MORE beautiful tomorrow! :)

  4. Perhaps diluting the paint itself would work better? Like using liquid ink... or watered down watercolours.

  5. A child's spin art toy works great when I am spinning some color down. Although I have not tried this yet.

    1. That's the gadget others have used, and that I don't have. :)