Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Not a journal or sketchbook

In a previous post I shared the beginnings of a book I had begun working in. I don't do journaling and I don't keep a sketchbook, but I had a lovely book waiting patiently on the shelf! Here's what's happened in it since that beginning.

At the beginning of the book I'd replaced a page with pale green vellum. On the next page I drew some tangled houses and they can be seen through the vellum.

I had done a string pull which left me with two pages to embellish. Here's the second. There's metal leaf in the partial circle at the left edge but it doesn't show very well.

The paint from the string pulling deposited a bit of paint on the edges of the next few pages. I cut the paint off by scalloping the edges with some fancy-cutting scissors and added some embellishment with metallic and sparkle pens.

I've been interested in tessellations lately and wanted to try something with trees. Unfortunately, my first effort looked more like a simple repeating pattern, but it was in the book so I just kept going. I'm not unhappy with the result, but it's not really a tessellation. I cut out a piece of hand-marbled paper for the tree on the right and added dots of metallic ink.

I had to try another tessellation on another page and decided to use a shape I've really enjoyed using in a few other projects. As you can see, this is on one of the scalloped edge pages.)

This book seems to be becoming a project unto itself. I've already begun a few other pages. More later.


  1. Isn't it fun doing something out of the ordinary!

  2. I really like the way your Not Book is shaping up. Ingenious solution to the mucky page edges. The last tessellating page is lovely. And I really like the trees page - they remind me a bit of a recent tangle of mine, Divi.

    1. Thanks for the link! It’s a fun , versatile tangle and my trees really do call it to mind.

    2. Thanks for the link! It’s a fun , versatile tangle and my trees really do call it to mind.

    3. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking a look at Divi. I love the way the building blocks of nature influence our tangle creation and then we use those tangles to depict the structures we borrowed the tangles from. A pleasing balance.

  3. I haven't tried tesselations...yet...but I really do like them and I'm a big fan of M.C. Echer's work. I like your trees, also.
    Terri Y. CZT16