Thursday, February 28, 2019

More space junk

More art space junk becomes more interesting.
I received some dark blue tissue paper recently and wondered if it was the kind that would bleed color onto the paper. It wasn't. So I just glued some pieces into my Book. At this point I thought it would become images of water, waves, surf.
Nope. Birds, an airplane, a butterfly: wings things. I glued on a few items and did a little tangling. On the left are things I hoped to add.
More gluing and tangling.
The end result.
Collaged elements: tissue paper, hummingbird, air mail sticker, butterfly,
white dove, Persian tea label with bird, Barcelona sun mosaic chocolate wrapper. 


  1. I like this new expression of your art.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It is something rather different for me, and I make a foray in this direction on occasion.

  2. What an incredible transformation from blank page to amazingly interesting collage!