Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Cartouche (pronounced car-toosh) is an old term for decorating around something that's the main focus. Often that's a photo, but it could be a piece of memorabilia, or whatever you want to draw attention to. Zentangle recently  offered Project Pack #05, all about cartouches (still pronounced car-toosh). You provide your own 'focus items' but the other supplies are provided in the kit.

I had done a page in my Book using old photos and decided to do another using this 'cartouche' technique. I chose three from my old-photos-to-use-in-artwork file. They all feature me in 1961!

Here I am at a tea party, a birthday party fashion show, and selling Kool-Aid at a sidewalk stand with two friends.
I included everyone's names and the dates (thanks to my mum for penciling that on the backs!). I also did an "embedded" 7 because that's how old I was that year. I admit, I overdid it a bit with the cartouche-ing!

Here's a close-up of my birthday party fashion show. I'm at the back right, in white.


  1. Fantastic, Margaret! Adorable in each one and cartouche are not overdone at all, just perfect way to honor those great photos!

  2. One can NEVER over-cartouche. Fabulous!

  3. Another fabulous page in your oh-so-glorious journal! What an excellent idea to select photos that include YOU at an early age. I haven't drawn any cartouches as yet, but I do have Project Pack #5 and have been waiting for inspiration about what to draw around. I think I've just received it. Thank you, Margaret!! :D