Friday, July 26, 2019

Joy and Delight

A home bursting through the roof with happiness, surrounded by gleeful vegetation, and a big sun in a gold sky. Oddly, the metal leaf sky is not quite so over-powering in real life!
"Joy and Delight"
8.5" x 5.5"
Pen and ink on eco-dyed paper, with colored pencil, tiny gems, and metal leaf.
The sky is all metal leaf, which is awkward for photos as it shines so much. I also used metallic inks and sparkle inks. The windows are clear glazed. (I just can't rein myself in sometimes!)
Here are some detail images.

The front door and the windchime/mobile:

The text:
The whole quotation is what's known to Baha'is as a "Pilgrim's note". 
It's attributed to one of the main people but cannot be authenticated
and is therefore not considered sacred text.

"My home is a home of peace.
My home is a home of joy and delight.
My home is a home of laughter and exultation.
Whoso enters through the portals of this home
must go out with gladsome heart."

The happiness explosion:
You can see a few of the small gems I included.

The sun:

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