Thursday, April 30, 2020

April's Joy Quest

This wonderful idea came to me through an art business course I'm enrolled in. The facilitator, Alyson Stanfield, suggested we spend the month of April on a... 


For 30 days keep some kind of daily record of one thing that brings you great happiness. This record could be kept in any way you wanted: journal, post-it notes, scraps of paper, drawings, small paintings, collages, photos, videos, whatever.
I allotted a page in my Book - not a journal, not a sketchbook, but full of wonderful things! - divided it into 30 sections, and filled one section each day.
No joy yet!
Someone else put up a long strip of paper in her new studio space and everyday wrote down something that brought her joy.Another uses a planner with a daily 2-page-spread. When she organized her week she drew a space (in a happy color, of course) for her joy quest each day. 
At the end of the month I had a lovely visual reference of things that bring me joy on a regular basis.


  1. This is fabulous. I did something similar years ago. You have inspired me to do so for May. Thank you. You are someone that gives me joy through your posts of beautiful art. Cheers and Happy May Day.

    1. Thank you Lisa! It's good to remind ourselves occasionally of those things we are grateful for.

  2. What a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing, including your final product. I'm going to try it, even if I don't actually draw anything, I'll pick at least a word to represent the day. Keep sharing your inspiration!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure some people simply wrote a word or two.
      (Curiously I had aunts named Ethyl and Thelma!)