Thursday, May 7, 2020

Zentangle's Project Pack #09

This project uses six zendala tiles that go together to make a larger project. Each day contributed to the same composition made up of multiple tiles. These were created using apple green and olive green inks.

In preparation we chose six zendala tiles; I used three white and three gray. We divided them according to a special tool - a "markus operandis" designed by Maria Thomas - included in the pack (also available online). W
e then drew a 'peapod' and chose from a selection of 'organic' tangles which we did these on all six tiles. I chose Springkle and Sampson, because I've only rarely used either one. We're working with dark green (olive or hunter) and a light green (apple) 05 size pens.

For the next six days, we added a particular tangle to each tile.


DAY TWO - MARASU, three of them, nestled in the section.

I decided to do Knightspeak, and realized later that it was a bit empty compared to the other tiles, to I added Knightsbridge afterward.

DAY FOUR - AURAS to resemble malachite

One of my favorite tangles, but I do it very differently than demonstrated in the video!

DAY SIX - DIVA DANCE with very random filling.
For some reason I didn't get a photo of these tiles. You'll see them in the final reveal. :)

Here is my piece, finished. You can see many more on the Zentangle Mosaic app.


  1. It was a wonderful project and I like the variations you made very much!

  2. I SOOOOO love the MB variations!!! :) Did you, by any chance, do a little trimming on these Zendalas???

    1. Yes, I did, Jan. I couldn't bear to loose those bits of Springkle and Sampson! The zendalas didn't fit together perfectly (and now you'll look for where!) but it doesn't matter. :)