Thursday, April 23, 2020

Crazy Paradox

You've likely heard of Crazy 'Nzeppel and Crazy Huggins and recently Crazy Cadent. I've been experimenting with Crazy Paradox. It really is like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get!

Here is the first tile I did, and the string it began with.

To do this, I let the string be the 'grid' in which I draw the Paradox fragments. Sometimes I only do two or three sides of Paradox until I meet another pencil line which takes it in another direction.

I liked the tiny section of Pearlz in the tan tile and thought that some variations might be more interesting than just lines. I did a few using Pearlz and what I call shaved Paradox. Here's the original string and the finished tile.

Colored ink is different.

It's difficult to instruct, since there are no consistent steps, other than the square or triangular spiraling of Paradox itself. However, I prepared a page showing the progression of one particular tile to give you an idea of how it works. You will need to go to this link to access the downloadable file.

Finally, this is my favorite tile thus far. I began the gray tile in blue ink but I didn't like it so I cut off the corner. It was interesting, but I tried black behind it, preferred it, and cut a black tile so I could glue a piece behind. No mistakes, right? Just opportunities.
Tangles: Paradox, Pearlz, Rain, Seljuk
I hope you'll enjoy playing with Crazy Paradox!

For more about Paradox and its possibilities check this post from 2011.


  1. Paradox has always been one of my 'go to' and favourite tangles. I would love to try some of these. They are wonderful!

    1. Thanks Bunny! It's a favorite tangle of mine too. This crazy version is interesting since you really never know what the outcome will be!

  2. You 'll never know what you are going to get is very interesting, especially when I see your tiles. Thank you Margaret. This is something I wanna explore!

  3. Absolutely love this , can’t wait to try it :)