Thursday, May 21, 2020

Meer, and then some

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Meer, Tripoli, and a spiral
Meer is a lovely, simple, border tangle from the creators of Zentangle. The original step-out can be found in the Zentangle newsletter here.

Meer works beautifully in a (relatively) straight line, and not only as a border, but if it's curvy you need to compensate for the curve. Two ways to do this are to space the lines slightly wider at one end, or to curve the lines a little. Or both.
Tangles: Gneiss, Meer, Pearlz
You can split the center. You can also fill alternate lines to give wider stripes. I think this tile looks like a pineapple; I might call it 'hospitality'. :D
Tangles: Apacore, Black Pearlz, Meer, Nipa variation
Try something other than a thin ribbon at the sides. Below, I've used Pearlz.
Tangles: Meer, Roxi, Pearlz
Besides filling alternate stripes to create wider stripes, try using another tangle that is a series of stripes. Below I've used Suzanne McNeill's Firecracker. It doesn't look much like Meer anymore, but it's quite interesting! I tried Doodah in one section, and splitting the middle with a ribbon in another.
Tangles: Doodah, Firecracker, Meer
Sending Meer around a corner is another challenge. See my earlier blog post here. A possibility not mentioned in that post is to 'rip' or 'cut' the corner as shown below. Here are various corner treatments for Meer.
Tangles, Crescent Moon, Meer, Within
Have fun experimenting!


  1. Wonderful what you always can do with just a simple tangle! Lovely results!

    1. It is, isn't it? I find if I do several tiles focusing on something, wonderful things start appearing!