Thursday, May 14, 2020

More Project Pack #09!

Zentangle's Project Packs are always so chock-a-block full of great ideas I can't help but keep exploring them once the project is finished.

I like the brown bags the Project Pack supplies come in and hate to simply recycle them, so I cut them into tile sizes and include the grommets and string. Here, I glued the string to the paper, and have a tile with an actual string!
Tangles: Gneiss, Hollibaugh, Knightspeak, Marasu, Springkle, Zonked

I was quite enchanted with the idea of using Auras to create the look of malachite, or more generally agate. Here's a slice of natural agate. Sometimes there is a nest of crystals at the center. How delightful! Don't you love geodes?

I had cut some eco-dyed paper into bookmarks and used this 'auras' method. Do you see the partial leaf in the second one?

I was enjoying myself so much I did a page of agate in my wonderful 'Book'.

And on a black zendala tile using Sakura's Moonlight pens. It was a little tricky to "shade".

And then again on a sheet of eco-dyed paper.
"Seismic Shift"
(c)2020 Margaret Bremner
Such fun! I'll be using this technique more, I'm sure.


  1. Slices of agate are beautiful and it is gorgeous how you used them as an example for your wonderful art. My fave is the "seismic shift"!!!

  2. Margaret - these are absolutely beautiful! Your talent and imagination are an inspiration!

  3. How lovely, Margaret! Talk about aura practice :-) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing post Margaret. I found the malachite auras one of the most excitement parts of the recent project pack. They are versatile, look great and are so relaxing to tangle too. I love the idea of using them on eco-dyed papers which always inhibit me from even starting.

    1. I know. Some of the eco-dyed papers are so lovely just as they are. Let me see if you try some agate on one.

  5. Oh the auras!!!!! Beautiful drawings, Margaret. :) Stunning creations, every one. I love your idea of using some of your less favorite eco-dyed papers! I've been wondering what to do with mine. I love that you recycle the Project Pack envelopes and I love that you kept the string attached! I'm looking forward to playing with this technique.

  6. Wow! I'm in love with these! Beautiful work.

  7. I am looking at all of these in true amazement!! Really beautiful...please teach the techniques as a Zoom class!!