Sunday, October 12, 2014

Circles strings

I've done a few tiles using a continuous line of circles as the string. I think of them as circles but I suppose they're really more like loops. Here's what such a string could look like, and then in color to show the various loops. These all loop in the same direction, but you can also change direction randomly.
Here is the first one I did. I was seeing a number of taichi (yin yang) symbols so I went with that idea. Originally the bottom was white but it seemed better that it be black.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Pearlz, Tipple,
and a few other things. :)
And again. This time I focused on the circle shapes that appeared and you don't much see the loops. Then some wide Auras on the sides, filled with other tangles.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Circfleur, Cruffle, Daggerly, Drupe,
Gneiss, Ing with Rounding, Pearlz, Splice, Tripoli,
and a variation of Drobbles
I tried one on a Renaissance tile, using three rows of continuous-line circles.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Cack, Cirquital, Crescent Moon,
Crossview, Drupe, Fleurette, Pearlz, Tipple
Something like this is a terrific way to try lots of ways to fill a circle!

Here is the example I showed at the beginning, now filled with tangles. It's turned 90 degrees clockwise from what you see above.
Tangles: Bunzo, Caviar (a name I have for this Tipple variation),
Zinger, and ghostly Bunzo


  1. A stunning and inspirational set of tiles. All the time enjoy seeing your work and I'm always impressed. Thank you.

  2. Margaret, I love all the different circle tangles you have incorporated in these tiles. As always, thank you for the inspiration - I look at your posts every time they arrive in my in-box, but I do not thank you often enough! Please keep the ideas coming. They are much appreciated. Jakki

  3. Lovely bunch of tiles, you imagination and skill are stunning, thanks for showing us all.