Friday, September 13, 2019

Project Pack #6: Part 3

Here are more pages from the little journal included with Zentangle's Project Pack 6.
(For Part One, go here; for Part Two go here.)

DAY 8:
Maria shows embedded letters and the word 'love'. I chose to use 'for now', a phrase of some significance to me (see this blog post). I included a 'gem' and used clear Stardust ink on the letters, not part of the video lesson.

The pages used while following the video lessons are only about a third of the total booklet, so there's lots left to experiment on your own. Here are some of my pages.
Tangles: Huggins with Flux, Knightsbridge, Paisley Boa, Tipple
Tangles: Aquafleur with a bit of Tipple
Tangles: Fengle with Meer, Pearlz, Tamisolo, Tipple, Zonked
Tangles: Marasu with a hint of Aquafleur at the perimeter, Tipple, Auras


  1. There is always so much depth in your Zens. I especially like some of these. Have a great weekend.

  2. Project 6 was wonderful and I love your beautiful results with your typical personal touch, great work!!!

  3. Love your For Now piece - I chose to use the word Still which had particularly resonance for me at the time. I really like your further explorations - particularly the Huggins and Fengle pieces. I didn't buy the pack, but have bought some black and white inks and plan to make up more pieces to explore this technique which has endless potential and seems to invite a deeper connection with the process, a slowly down due to the switching of the pens.