Thursday, November 19, 2020

A few more pages in my marvelous Book

I've been working in this book for quite some time, adding a page now and then whenever I'm inspired.

I was enchanted by results I'd seen of Eni Oken's Dragons class. I purchased it, tried a few smaller pieces, and some time later did this drawing. Great fun!

Neurographic drawing caught my fancy, being a random-looking type of pen-and-ink drawing. I watched a video lesson by a certified neurographic drawing instructor and followed along. Of course, at some point I had to incorporate Zentangle patterns! I'd done this on a sheet of paper so I trimmed it slightly and glued it onto the front endpaper, bordered with washi tape.

The offset grid squares pattern of Brix Box or Reticulous is quite fascinating. I experimented to see what could be done with triangles and ended up calling this new tangle Cantire. This page in my Book combines both the square tangle and the triangular one.

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  1. wow. your book is beautiful and inspiring. thank you for taking the time to put it all here in one place for me to look through in the morning with my coffee. i'm not done yet but will keep coming back to this post until I've seen them all.