Wednesday, September 29, 2021

My Book is nearing the end

Here are some of the final pages in my non-journal/non-sketchbook. 

The Garry oak is native to this part of the world, and I used a leaf from a tree near me to prepare four 'starts' in a collaborative project. I did another in my Book, more or less duplicating what I did for the collaboration.

Over the past decade or so I've depicted many onion domes and wanted to include these in my Book. I couldn't decide which of the three crescent moon shapes to include, so I included all of them and have called this piece The Passage of the Moon.

I took an online class from María Továr about drawing droplets (or "zengotas") with reflections. Of course, I had to include that in my book, too. This is on the inside front cover (I'm filling all possible places!) The photo is a bit too bright.

I have something quite special planned for a final two-page spread, something I've never tried before!


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