Wednesday, June 30, 2021

My Book is filling up

I'm nearing the end of this not-a-journal/not-a-sketchbook that I began in the summer of 2018. There are only a few pages left. 

I used the retail sock hanger in which I always see an elephant... do an elephant page.

I had purchased this book at zenAgain 2016 and had stamped the first page with the logo. Recently I added a two-pencil string. I was going to add a tangle to the ribbon, but decided I like it simple. I might change my mind.

I had begun a picture of a table for four viewed from above. I planned to use (for the first time) some interesting colored pencils with three colors in each pencil. What fun! But... I didn't like it. I quit. I did other pages. Much later I came back to it. I had another idea! 😄

The beginning, and the pencils I planned to use.

The result! I'm calling it Al Fresco. And I want those plates.

Tangles: Circfleur, Gingham, Kuke, Sprouts, Within

I've been seeing examples of "map tangling" and it looked like fun. So, I gave it a try on the inside front cover, right-hand page. Next time I'll leave a little more white space.


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