Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cubine and Fassett: peeking through

Cubine and Fassett are two tangles that appear to offer a hole, passage, or window.
  • Cubine is an 'official' tangle, from Zentangle. Step-outs are here.
  • Fassett is a tangle form Lynn Mead, CZT. Step-outs are here.
Each of these got a page in my Book.
I began this page with a large Chebucto across the page, then continued with Cubine elsewhere.
Originally I had thought to do some triangle-based tangles in some sections,
but I realized that it would detract from the effect of the tangle.
These 'holes' offer an opportunity to peek through at something on the other side. The windows need to be large enough to house another tangle (or whatever).

Here's a simple example of Cubine, looking at stars. I've given each square a two-sided 'front'; I think this gives the squares a little more substance.
Here's an example using a variety of shapes (suggested by my string) and sort-of-Hollibaugh through the holes.
And here's a tile I just finished with overlapping Cubine, and Morse running through and behind.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mongolian roofs

My husband and I spent a year living on the southern edge of the Gobi desert in Inner Mongolia in China. I enjoyed the chance to get to know Mongolian culture and fell in love with the roofs!

Traditional Mongolian nomadic houses are called gers (yurt is a Russian word). They are round, made of thick felt, with domed roofs, no windows, and a large wooden door and frame. The roofs (also felt) are often decorated in blue and white, reminiscent of the clouds and huge sky of the Mongolian grasslands.
A small ger.
While we lived there I came up with some designs closely based on what I was seeing around me. Here are some colored pencil drawings I did when we were in China.

As a memory of that part of my life I did a Mongolian roof in my Book. It's a real challenge for me to leave everything so very simple! I always want to do more embellishing. I used gold ink in the central circle and one of the perimeter rings, and attempted to simulate grass by using a scribble technique in green.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

For now

I have a short but complicated history with the phrase "for now".

Having inherited a four-level house and all its contents, plus things from another household - and we already had our own household! - we're constantly trying to decrease the amount of Stuff we have and I eventually became very irritated by how often I heard myself say "for now".
"We'll keep it for now."
"Let's leave it there for now."
"Put it downstairs for now."
"Leave it upstairs for now."
"It can go in the garage for now."
It seemed we weren't making any decisions and were keeping all the Stuff! It made me very cranky.

Then one day it struck me that everything is 'for now'. Nothing is forever. Everything changes. And that's fine. The phrase now reminds me of the impermanence of things. And that's good.

Because of its importance to me, I did a page in my Book with the phrase, using a stencil for the letters.
It's kind of the same philosophy as "This, too, shall pass." I think I'll do that phrase on another page.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

More space junk

More art space junk becomes more interesting.
I received some dark blue tissue paper recently and wondered if it was the kind that would bleed color onto the paper. It wasn't. So I just glued some pieces into my Book. At this point I thought it would become images of water, waves, surf.
Nope. Birds, an airplane, a butterfly: wings things. I glued on a few items and did a little tangling. On the left are things I hoped to add.
More gluing and tangling.
The end result.
Collaged elements: tissue paper, hummingbird, air mail sticker, butterfly,
white dove, Persian tea label with bird, Barcelona sun mosaic chocolate wrapper. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Knightsbridge and magic squares

I began this page in my Book with the grid of colored squares, a collage of leftover bits from other work.
I thought it might become another "space junk" page, but once that grid was in place it seemed to want a square grid all over. I obliged.
I decided to include a magic square of nine with the numbers are represented by images. That's at the bottom center. Some years ago I did an acrylic painting with this theme (see it next in this post). On this page in my Book I also included a square with the digits.

I'm not happy with streakiness of the grays in the lower right but I wanted to try a gradation where the same gray is the dark gray in the light portion, and the light gray in the dark portion.

During my long mandala phase, I did this acrylic painting of a magic square of nine, except instead of simply writing a number in each square I devised an image to represent the number. The centers of the half-circles at the perimeter are filigree metal pieces.
"Magic Square of Nine" - Sold
24" (60 cms.) square; acrylic mixed media
A magic square is a grid of numbers such that each horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row results in the same sum. A magic square of nine is one of the simplest, comprising only nine squares. The sum of each row is 15.
There are more complicated magic squares, larger, with more squares. Here's a magic square of four and the rows add to 34. You can learn more about magic squares on wikipedia here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

In my Book: a sunflower and the flower of life

More pages in my Book. This project has rather taken over my life. :S

Sunflower meditation. I had done something like this at one of the OgunquiTangle retreats and found the quotation online. I liked the piece and it's been sold, so I did a reprise in my Book.

I've done work based on the Flower of Life pattern, so I did a page with that design. I added the hummingbird when I found it among my Art Stuff. It's a nod to another hummingbird I added to another flower-of-life piece.

Here's the smaller, earlier piece, on a zendala tile:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I've been doing some notan-inspired work recently, a lot of houses but also plants. Botanical things. I like word play and came up with the term "notanical" for these pieces.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Icantoo, Munchin, Opus, Pearlz,
Tipple, Zonked,
and an element of Paizel
This one became a rose, and needed to be diagonal.

I tried one with tan instead of white, using CZT Hanny Nura's tangle Icantoo. Imagine the first image with the black and tan reversed; that's what I started with. The second image is the completed notanical. The 'moon' is drawn with copper metallic ink.
Tangles: Icantoo, Pearlz, Printemps
Another black and white one. Those round-cut areas seem to want to be moons!