Saturday, February 15, 2020

ValenTangle 2020, extras

In my ValenTangle 2020 post I only showed one tile each day. There were a few others...

Thursday, February 13, 2020

ValenTangle 2020

For the fifth year Dutch CZT Marguerite Samama presents ValenTangle, a two-week "challenge" incorporating hearts from February 1-14.  She writes,
"For me, ValenTangle has truly become a mid-winter blessing. I believe it is important to actively nurture joy, playfulness and connection. To me it is vital to experience and express gratitude. ValenTangle has little to do with romantic love. I see it as an act of self care."
This is the first year I'm participating and I didn't get every day done, but here's what I managed.

February 1 - Use Marguerite's own new tangle V&A. It makes a lovely border.

February 2 - Use the tangle Trinity from Stephanie Kiefhaber (essentially a triquetra) and incorporate hearts. I used a tan tile that had three orbs in Twink paints.
Tangles: DooDah, Pepperish, Skye, Trinity 
February 3 - Use a heart variation of the tangle Minstrel from Hannah Geddes, a variation of Demi from Geneviève Crabe.

February 4 - Work with triangles in a hexagon.
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Gneiss, Opus, Tipple
 February 5 - Incorporate hearts into the tangle Starsky from Sue Schneider.
Tangles: Pearlz, Starsky, Zonked
February 6 - A mosaic using a geometric string provided by Marguerite.

February 8 - Choose a tangle that's new to you, and incorporate hearts. I chose Moonwaves by Jenna Black. I'd done it one time previously, but it's still new to me. I'm calling this one "love volcano"!
Tangles: Krli-Qs, Moonwaves, Striping (sort of)
February 12 - Use the tangle Kahla from Anna Gabrovec, and incorporate hearts. I found the spacing of this tangle tricky, but I really like its Celtic look.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Kahla, Skye
February 13 - Revisit the string from day 2, but on a larger tile, and with curved/angled lines from the central orb.

A very HAPPY HEARTS DAY to you all!

Friday, January 31, 2020

More pages in my Book

Here are more recent pages from my not-a-sketchbook/not-a-journal where I seem to have been very into stripes!

I had an interesting page with random, black brush strokes. There was a white space in the middle that seemed ideal for my Striping, with a Twist. I also added very thin lines in a few peripheral sections to define them a little more. (I love this page!)

Recently I've had fun with Sakura's Moonlight pens, fluorescent inks that look great on black paper, or under black light. They're not as effective here, probably because there's some white background, but even so I find them a nice opaque ink to use on a dark surface.
I decided to use only my own tangles on this page, although Tipple and Printemps crept in!
Tangles, top to bottom: Zedbra, Seljuk, Dutch Hourglass, Skye, Copada, Chebucto,
Many Moons, Prestwood (variation), and  Lotus Pods. Plus Black Pearlz.
I have a lovely Oriental-style brush pen that has an ink cartridge. I've always loved how a line can go from hairline thin to luscious thick and back again. I did some lines across a page and developed it. It's a bit reminiscent of Diva Dance.

This next page is opposite the previous one shown, so there's an interesting play of black-and-white with primary colors.
Tangles: Bunzo, Coaster, Crescent Moon, Oaura, Paisley Boa, Prestwood, Thumbprintz, Tipple, Unyun

Friday, January 24, 2020

PP07 inspires my Book

My non-journal/non-sketchbook took a little hiatus, but I've been working in it again lately and reprised a few of the projects from Project Pack #7.

Maria showed us Coffering and I started with a 2-pencil string just for something a little different. In the background is my tangle Morse.
My first post about two-pencil strings - just over ten years ago! - is here. There are follow-up posts here and here.

This is the new tangle Pepperish, demonstrated by Martha in the Project Pack video.

I loved Martha's squared-off spiral with lotus flowers. I made these pink and yellow.
Tangles: Oaura, Tipple
Finally, there is Maria's expansion of a Cadent square. It's on the right. On the left is an expanded version of Stella (or Well, Well, Who without the Who). I thought they might work well together. I trimmed the right edge of the page to accommodate the tangle, and there's black ink two pages further (the next page is trimmed too).
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge, Hollyhock, Oaura, Pearlz

Thursday, January 9, 2020

"Winter Garden" process

This time I have a beginning, a middle, and an end photo to show you. Again I'm using the broken scarf hanger as a template for the floral mandala shape on a 10.5" Opus tile.

The beginning: a bit of Inktense for some washes of color.
The middle:
The end: there are "liquid pearls" scattered throughout, which gives the sparkly impression of falling snow. I also used a bit of metallic, glossy, and stardust inks, none of which shows in this photo!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Mistakes? Methinks not.

We do make mistakes. But that doesn't mean we have to abandon the entire project. There's almost no mistake that you can't do something with, and maybe even make it better.
This concept is a 180 degree turn from my attitude 35 years ago in University. If I did something I hadn't intended I'd often scrap the thing and start over. An important message brought to me by Zentangle!

First, here are two"mistakes" that my students have made.
Once in a while, learning the tangle Florz, someone puts the little black squares in line with the square grid rather than doing little diamonds at the intersections.

It's a rather interesting variation. And as proof that it's really not a mistake, here's a floor I saw in a historic building.

When drawing Crescent Moon, occasionally someone will think the Aura lines go all the way down to the base line all the time rather than keeping the Aura happening, with space between each row of lines. It's an interesting, tunnel-like variation.

Seven ways to deal with something displeasing.

1. Shade.
Besides adding wonderful dimensionality to your art, shading is a great way to hide or disguise something that's a bit disappointing. Go to the dark side with your pencil.

2. Overlay with a tangle that is mostly black.
Of course you'll think immediately of Bronx Cheer, usually done in raspberry form, but demonstrated here as a border pattern.
Or try Punch from Sandy Steen Bartholomew's book Totally Tangled. Simply draw some circles around parts you do like (or do a regular pattern of circles) and fill the rest of the area with black. I used a variation in the darkest section of the tile below, where I'd done something I just didn't like. Maybe try squares or triangles. If there's a LOT of black, refer ahead to idea #6.
Tangles: Keenees, O-Bob, Punch, Tipple, Tripoli,
stripes with highlights
3. Try the Tranzending technique.
You can watch Rick and Maria demonstrate it here. It will still leave a lot of what you already drew showing, but perhaps you can draw a heavy line over your "mistake" - and add some heavy shading. ;)
Tangles: pinched Assunta, Black Pearlz, Yincut
overlaid with Echoism
4. Do it again, and again...
Made a little booboo? Do it again a few more times and it will look as if you intended it as a cool "Oooh, look at that!" kind of thing.

5. Accept it. Be creative. Deal with it.
Accept what happened, see it as an opportunity to be creative, and make something of it.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
In the tile below, the tangle Chebucto went haywire at the left end. I'd put some lines on the wrong side of the black squares. But it's interesting how the tangle interlocks at one end and flies off in ribbons at the other. If I hadn't told you, you probably would have thought I intended it. :)
Tangles: Chebucto, Drupe and Fracas,
and one whose name I forget!
6. Cover it. Then maybe tangle on top of it.
Use black. In the tile below I didn't like the pink sections; they seemed to take away from the yellow/orange. I blacked over them, then used a white pen to draw spirals. Other details completed it.
Before and after covering, and tangling over.
Tangles: Doodah, Pearlz, Stella, Within, and the sparkle enhancement
Or try another opaque ink. Sakura's Metallic ink pens cover well. Here are before and after pictures where I felt the dark blue Diva Dance (top left) was the wrong color, so I used silver and blue metallic ink to cover it, and added more for balance. (Now I'm not sure which one I prefer!)
Before and after covering with silver and blue metallic ink.
7. Channel your disappointment and carefully chop it to bits.
If I've been working on something that has its good points, but I'm generally not happy with where it's going, I cut it up and make bookmarks or ATCs. I also save bits for future collage.
Here are four bookmarks made from very different beginnings.
And four ATCs.

No mistakes, right? Only opportunities to have fun and be creative.
Here's wishing you a year of creative 'mistake' making!

Friday, December 20, 2019

12 Day of Zentangle, Part 3

Project Pack 07, the final four days.

A spiral, squared, with (what strikes me as) lotus flowers. Very pretty.

Molly has a different take on Bronx Cheer. I had a different take on Molly's! (Includes gold pollen.)

One of many favorite tangles, Paradox, on four gray Bijou tiles, with the addition of a thicker 'slice' on the end of each line. Here, the two on the bottom are shaded differently than the two on top.

Waaah! It's the last day! (Oh well, now I'll get the dusting done. Maybe.)

I enjoyed this and did others with the same theme on a tan tile and on a black tile.

And... Hurray! The project pack comes with some extra gray tiles!