Thursday, January 17, 2019

In my Book: frontispiece and old photos

There is a page at the front of the book with a few pale gray lines and a pre-strung border box. I filled it with black and gray tangles, then decided to add a color border at the edge of the page. The very last thing I did on it was to write my name.
The colored tangles are muted with a pale gray brush pen.
The name was written with a calligraphy marker pen.
The dark 'blob' at the bottom isn't. It's metal leaf and really rather bright!
I've seen some lovely artwork using old photographs and wanted to try something similar. I have collected some old photos and chose a few that seemed to go together. I didn't realize it at the time, but whaddaya know?!?! all the photos I chose include my father's mother!
Tangles: Jonqal, Scena, Wunderwall
In addition to pen-and-ink I used washi tape and scrapbook ornamental bits.
Along the left edge you can see the previous page under the scalloped edge.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

In my Book: a Celtic page and W2

I have a lot of Scots heritage and have always loved Celtic interlacing, so there's now a Celtic page in my Book. I also love my tangle Skye which I did around the edge. :)
Tangles: Crossview, Cruze, Elven, Emingle, Skye, Tipple, Tortuca
I enjoyed teaching a class based on W2 at OgunquiTangle a couple of years ago. You can read about it in my earlier post W2 and then some. I did a page based on W2 but less intricate than the class's Opus tile.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hexes in my Book

In ongoing decluttering I found a small, square sketchbook from the two years I lived in China. I wasn't interested in keeping most of it but there was a page investigating triangles and hexagons. It's really amazing the variety of stars, boxes, snowflakes, cubes, diamonds, chevrons, tunnels and more that can be achieved with these simple repeating shapes. I glued the page into my Book and expanded onto the sides.

Opposite that page seemed perfect for another go at CZT Cherryl Moote's tangle Hexonu, a much more random (and zen!) version of hexagons. Done large, they can be filled with other tangles.

Friday, December 28, 2018

In my Book: back cover, alphabet, gems, and paisley

This is an 'ideas' book of sorts. I've been including past and current artistic interests as well as things I want to try in more detail at some future point.

I'd been ignoring the back cover. It's on the back, after all; who looks there? But it was becoming a bit grubby and I thought I'd better do something. The large zenAgain stamp was there from November 2016 when I received the book, so I tangled around it. There are three circles with metal leaf. The thin "white" stripe beside Knase is a strip of holographic paper. It sparkles rainbow colors at different angles, which goes with the string of rainbow Pearlz, which may be my favorite part of the whole thing!

In the past I've done calligraphy and some lettering, so I did a page honoring that art.
The final two are:
 • an ampersand, E and T, the Latin "et" meaning "and"
• the German SZ (ess-tset, pronounced like an 's')
On another page I'd done a random, gray wash because I like to have something like that to pique my imagination. It turned into paisley and gems. I'd encountered the tangle Ilac and have liked Paisley Boa since I discovered it, so they became the basis for this page.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Zentangle spinner

This year's Twelve Days of Zentangle was a project to create a tangle spinner. I got the Project Pack #4 from Zentangle, but it can be done on other surfaces, and the videos can be followed in any order. The twelve days video series begins here.

My project pack contained Light Olive and Light Blue water-soluable pencils. There are a lot of colors available so it's a surprise what you receive!
The project pack contains two papers, two plastic spinners,
two colored pencils, a 01 black pen, a pencil, and tortillon,
and a watercolor brush.
I wanted my tangles to be black and white so I put color in other areas.

I wanted to include mainly tangles that I really like but sometimes forget.

The alphabet ring immediately made me think of doing tangles beginning with those letters, so that's how I proceeded, rather than wedge by wedge. This worked for most of the spinner but towards the end there were tangles I wanted to include but no letter-appropriate space, so it's not strictly alphabetical.

As "no surface is safe" the corners are tangled, too. There's gold ink to two of the rings, and one totally messed up section that I left alone because there are no mistakes. I didn't do shading until all the ink drawing was done. I finished by painting the surface with matte acrylic varnish. Here's my completed spinner:

Thursday, December 13, 2018

ZIA Ideas - Tree trunks

In my on-going, randomly occasional, posts about tangles that can be used in Zentangle-inspired artwork, here are some tangles that I've used for

CRUZE from CZT Caren Mlot. Find step-outs here (scroll down).
"Meteor Shower" - 9 cm. square
(c) Margaret Bremner
DIVA DANCE from Zentangle, for CZT Laura Harms. Find step-outs at this link.
"A Windy Day" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
PRESTWOOD from Margaret Bremner. Find step-outs at this link
Shown below is a variation of this tangle.
"Splendiferous" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
ZANDER from Zentangle. Watch Molly draw it in this video link (about halfway through the video).

There are many tangles that begin with a zigzag line - angular or curving - and could be used for a tree trunk:
HIBRED (from Zentangle): in the Zentangle newsletter here.
PUFFLE from CZT Sandy Hunter. Find step-outs at this link. Scroll way down.
WUD from CZT Joni Feddersen, and a 'ribbon' variation of mine, can be found at this link.
ZEDBRA (from Laura Harms and Margaret Bremner): earlier on my blog here.
ZEWM (from CZT Amy Broady): on Amy's blog here.
KNASE (from Zentangle): I recently learned that this is pronounced 'nase' not 'naze' or 'k-naze' (which I'd been saying for years). Pictured below. Step-out from CZT Holly Atwater, with thanks! 
"Black Walnut" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
Knase step-out courtesy of CZT Holly Atwater, with thanks!

PALM TREES are somewhat different and sometimes have a more square grid look. I don't see palm trees much where I live, so I don't draw them often. From left to right here is Beelight, a variation of 'Nzeppel, sort of Purk, and Tortuca (all from Zentangle).
"Baobab Fantasia" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner

No doubt you can think of lots of other possibilities!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Inserting a page in my Book

I wanted to include some eco-dyeing in my non-journal/non-sketchbook and had several lovely sheets of eco-dyed paper waiting in the wings. But I don't want to add much thickness to the book. Some of the eco-dyed papers are lovely on both sides so I decided to cut a window in a page of the book and insert a piece of eco-dyed paper. But how to attach it? I happened upon some fine twine I'd saved and decided to sew it in.
The center cut out of the page, a gold border, the fine twine, and a pin for poking holes.
Holes poked, clips holding the art page in place, and part of the sewing done.
The twine was a good length and I wasn't concerned about having enough to go around... until I started going around. :s
I changed my mind often during the process, at the same time thinking about how I would finish if I did run out of twine. In the end, I had enough, just enough, and tied the two ends in a reef knot with the aid of tweezers. Hurray!

I drew on both sides first. Here is the page, sewn in:

I'm not certain the second side is done. I wanted to leave a lot of the eco-dye showing without embellishment, but it just seems a bit unfinished. Maybe it's my "when in doubt, add more" kicking in!